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These websites are filled with a many additional resources - educational, toolkits, and otherwise. 

Health Care Without Harm Physician Network Resource Library  - in particular, navigate via the menu on the top left corner for many resources

Practice Greenhealth Topics and Initiatives - fact sheets, education on topics such as water, waste, energy, greening the OR, etc can be found here

CleanMed - national environment conference for leaders in health care sustainability 

Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health - brings together associations representing clinicians for advocacy. Nice resource to find other advocacy groups near you. 

FIGO Climate Crisis and Health - resources and webinars as well addressing climate crisis and women’s/maternal health

Plastic Pollution Coalition - resources and articles addressing the plastic crisis and human health 

The Path to Climate-Smart Net-Zero Health Care: A Grand Rounds Series - presented by Health Care Without Harm in partnership with the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, virtual grand rounds series 

Climate for Health - Climate for Health is a national initiative led by a diverse network of health leaders

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