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Project Ideas

This section brings together ideas regarding quality improvement projects, research projects, sustainability initiatives, and other ideas. If you would like to include your projects please email us at We can list your name for those who are willing to share, in order to help others set up new projects and initiatives. As teachers say, don't recreate the wheel if you don't have to! We will all encounter barriers along the way, and would like to help others get past those barriers in order to decarbonize our care. If others are reading your project or initiative and would like more information, please email us and we can provide your contact information and connect you if you give us permission to share your information. 

Quality Improvement Sustainability Initiatives 

The utilization of disposable supplies in suburethral sling cases

Quality improvement project where we quantified the disposable supplies that were 'wasted' (opened but not used) in our suburethral sling cases. We quantified the supplies in US dollars and weight. We also measured the amount of trash in a subset of cases. We identified a significant amount of wasted supplies in a majority of cases. We also identified 'redundant' supplies that were in abundance on the field (sterile water - in both cysto bags and bottles to clean instruments and blue towels). We recommend surgeons to go through preference tickets often and remove unused items, remove unused items from disposable supply packs if possible, launder blue towels whenever possible. 

Presented at AUGS 2021

Publication to follow. 

Alexandra Melnyk, M.D., M.Ed. 

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